Let Children Run "Barefoot" this Spring in VivoBarefoot Kids!


Children's VivoBarefoot Shoes, spring 2010 styles. Credit: Terra Plana

Playing in tide pools barefoot is a fond memory of my youth, so was climbing on rocks that scattered Maine's rocky coast; much to my dislike, the latter required shoes. This spring children can run wild--barefoot but not--in Terra Plana's VivoBarefoot shoes, with a thin puncture-resistant sole. Click through more more styles.


Credit: Terra Plana

VivoBarefoot shoes are designed with children's health in mind. More from Terra Plana, below.

Research shows that because of a high proportion of cartilage and other soft tissue, the developing foot can be deformed under persistent pressure, such as wearing incorrectly shaped or rigid shoes.

Terra Plana use a combination of traditional shoemaking techniques and 21st-century technologies to celebrate style and environmental responsibility. All products come complete with an eco-matrix, which shows the environmental components of each shoe.

VIDEO: Terra Plana Founder Galahad Clark on recycling shoe lasts, spring 2010 styles, and more.

Credit: Terra Plana

The range starts at $60, visit Terra Plana for more.