LED Flip Flops Light Up the Night (Video)

illum beach photo

Image courtesy of Teva.

New LED flip flops by Teva will light up your life--or the beaten path, at least. Developed by (and for) surfers who need functional footwear to reach the shore for dawn patrol, the "Illūm" flip flops are outfitted with a detachable LED light that, according to WWD, produces a 10-foot beam of light. Unlike Teva's cute Curbside Collection the flops boast no eco-friendly attributes--besides the LED light, of course. But we like still like the design and we couldn't believe we haven't seen it before. Click through to watch a video of these kicks in action:

teva flip flops surfing photo

LED flip flops light up the early morning sky. Screen shot via YouTube.
Mens illum flip flops

Image courtesy of Teva.

Teva Illum produced a video with Switchfoot, featuring the rock band's song "Needle and Haystack Life." The band gets ready for early morning surfing with the help of the LED flip flops. The video is a hoot--I had to roll my eyes when they stopped at a gas station en route to the beach--but it shows the functionality of the light up flip flops. Watch it, below.

The flip flops are available in men's and women's styles and retail for $50-$60 at Teva.

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