Kuyichi Organic Jeans

Kuyichi jeans hug your butt in that really sexy Europeans-trying-to-look-American-but-not-too-American way. But wait. There’s more. ::KuyichiKuyichi isn’t just wrapped up in the young male model scene. They’ve got a conscience. And a purpose. And that’s to create positive change. The company develops organic materials, ecological processes, and fair trade in coordination with the farmers of Peru who produce Oro Blanco Peruvian organic cotton, Kuyuchi’s raw materials. The farmers themselves have been instrumental in the drive for sustainable management of soils and organic solutions for the struggle against pests and plant diseases. Even better, the farmers are partners in Kuyichi, so they get to speak up and profit share. That sounds pretty sexy to us. Sadly not yet available in the U.S.; why not write and encourage them to hop the pond?