Kuyichi — Celebrating 5 Years of FairTrade EcoFashion


We first reported on Kuyichi back in 2004, when TH was still wet behind the ears, and barely old enough to be house trained. Kuyichi's hip looking apparel, made with ethical and environmental responsibility fitted TreeHugger's scope of green+modern design to a T(-shirt.) Six months later they were launching Made-By, a ‘shadow label’ co-op that had other European brands adopting their vision. Now as TreeHugger nears its two year anniversary, Kuyichi (Peruvian god of the rainbow) have already popped the cork on organic champagne, with five years under their belt. As the above image list clearly shows, they have much to celebrate. Salut! ::Kuyichi (for some reason their site doesn’t like Safari - try Firefox.)