Konarka and Textronics to Make Solar Suits

A joint development program has just been announced. Konarka and their light-activated Power Plastic and Textronics with their 'electronic textile systems' are planning to bring us renewable, wearable energy sources for personal electronic devices. If the results equal the vision we will see flexible, coloured and patterned textiles that will use light to charge our ever increasing array of gadgets. And thus "overcome the shortcomings of conventional power technologies by enabling consumers to have energy generation ability with them at all times." In the press release, Daniel McGahn of Konarka notes, "This joint effort will show designer-label manufacturers how we can bring new benefits to consumers through their everyday clothing and fashion accessories, including increased levels of convenience, freedom of use and performance while minimally affecting the garments' overall weight, size or appearance." Via Sportstextiles (subscription required). See what each company has been up to before this, by visiting ::Konarka and ::Textronics