Komodo: Thankfully Better Looking Than Namesake

Hemp, bamboo, ramie, linen. Seems these guys are talking our language. Komodo do a line of mens and womens apparel, that in glossy fashion magazines would be tagged 'resort wear'. For us mere mortals that's what we pull on for the weekends, or whilst on holidays. These casual clothes use those aforementioned natural materials. Their new beach shoes (thongs we call 'em down here) are made with soles of reused motorcycle tyres, which might come as no surprise when it looks as if one of their offices is in Bali. The uppers are of various grasses and banana plant fibres. And the toe straps apparently from rescued textiles. Their site is heavy on aesthetics and light on detail, so we might've missed some specifics, but it's good to see a 17 year old player in the rag trade keen to promote being "environmentally and socially reponsible". ::Komodo

the very attractive Komodo Dragon!