Keen's Eco-Carton Shoebox


It's a funny old world where a company will put out a press release to say their shoebox is now made from "100% post-consumer waste—not a single new tree is consumed in its manufacture." And furthermore it is "100% free from all artificial dyes, chemicals, chlorine or ink." Thus making it biodegradable. Keen footwear will ship selected Fall 06 models (like the one shown above) in the new Eco-Carton to REI Co-op Stores. We think it is a great idea. But just wish it were standard business practice, not something seen to be fresh and newsworthy. Over a decade ago Deja Shoe were doing this with a box that didn't even use staples. You could invert their entire carton (it had endangered animals stencilled on the inside), and use it as an attractive storage box. What shame it takes ten years or so for the penny to drop. ::Keen (Alert! Pointless use of Flash), via ::Outdoor Industry Association