Keen Bags From Keen Shoes

The waste-not-want-not philosophy has found a recent adherent in Keen Footwear, a Bay Area-turned-Portland manufacturer of outdoor sandals and trail shoes distinguished by its line of rubber-toed "hybrid" sandals. To divert waste from the company's shoe manufacturing process, Keen's crack team of product designers came up with Hybrid Transport, a series of bags incorporating leftover aluminum and rubber materials.

"Rather than accept the idea that the excess material is pure waste, Keen started to think of ways to use the waste and to lessen the impact created by making footwear," says Eric Groff, Keen's national sales manager of bags and packs, in an interview with Sustainable Industries.

Also in the mix are recycled foam and polyester from outside sources. Keen's Hybrid Transport line currently contains 40 percent recycled materials, but the company has its sights on reaching a full 100 percent before long, according to Groff. We'd love to see that eco-savvy at work with Keen's still-less-than-sustainable shoes next. :: Sustainable Industries :: Keen Footwear

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