Jeansmakers' Jeans Refurbishing

Argentinean firm Jeansmakers produces unique jeans out of your old ones. The service is in the same line as Junky Styling's, but the difference is that Teresa Castagnino, owner of the firm, is a designer with great trajectory in the jeans area, having worked with some of the major national brands. They take any pair, ask you a couple of questions about what you want, and then send you a one of a kind piece of clothing. The service is both national and international, as for tourists they send the finished cloth through Fedex. So maybe if you stop by Buenos Aires, you can get around 412 Sarmiento St. and give a new face to those old pants before they end up in the trash. Site is (pretty bad and) under construction, but you can e-mail the firm through it. ::Jeansmakers