Ingeniously-designed Kids Pants are sustainable and stylish

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© KOOSHOO -- These awesome Kids Pants work from diapers to undies!

These pants, which last 3x longer than regular kids' pants, are the latest project from KOOSHOO, an ethical fashion company that manufactures in the USA. Read on to learn why you should buy a pair.

Babies come with many surprises, one of which is how fast they grow. When Jesse Schiller and Rachel Evans became parents for the first time, they couldn’t believe how quickly their daughter outgrew her clothes. Since most baby clothes come in 3-month size increments, that first year of life can mean 4 different sizes of pants.

Schiller and Evans suspected there must be a better way to dress babies and young children, without using so many resources and generating unnecessary waste. They were the right people to tackle such a challenge, being the founders and designers of KOOSHOO, an ethical fashion company that sells one-size-fits-all accessories (headbands, shawls, hairties) made in Los Angeles. The company’s goal is to be a better alternative to fast fashion, with versatile designs that serve multiple purposes and cut down on waste, one of fast fashion’s greatest shortcomings. (See TreeHugger's article on KOOSHOO's sustainable 12-in-1 shawl.)

So they invented KOOSHOO Kids Pants – an ingenious design that extends the life of your baby or young child’s pants 3x longer than usual. These pants come with expandable waistband and cuffs, so you can roll the pants up or down as needed. The yoga pant-style waistband can hug the hips snugly or expand upward to provide more coverage or warmth. The pants are flat-stitched in order to be strong, reversible, and to feel seamless.

KOOSHOO Kids Pants fit 3x longer© KOOSHOO

KOOSHOO Kids Pants are unisex and have a stylish drop-crotch design that can be worn down (useful for accommodating bulky cloth diapers) or up. They are made from organic cotton that’s blended with Spandex for a bit of stretch. You can buy them either in solid colors or a range of gorgeous batiks that are hand-dyed in a solar-powered dye house in Los Angeles, using low impact reactive dyes.

KOOSHOO why you'll love our kids pants© KOOSHOO

Schiller and Evans have launched a crowdfunding campaign to start manufacturing Kids Pants as quickly as possible. They believe strongly in the power of sustainable, stylish, and affordable design to make a difference in the fashion world. From their campaign page:

“Our daughter is 20 months old and wearing the same sized pair KOOSHOO Kids Pants as she did when she was just 5 months old. With 4 million babies born annually in North America, a design like ours could save 8 to 12 million garments from landfills annually - in just that size alone!”

You can support this innovative project by choosing from the 12 different packages that are offered as part of the campaign. Manufacturing will take place during the summer and finished products will be shipped out in September – just in time for your little ones to look smart for school! A $39 pledge will get you a pair of baby pants (up to size 18 months). If you spend $190, you can get 5 pairs of any-size pants. There are lots of other options, too.

KOOSHOO kids pants on a line© KOOSHOO

What does KOOSHOO mean, you might be wondering? It translates as “feeling good” in the language of Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, where Rachel Evans comes from and her family currently calls home.

Order Kids Pants here.

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