Indigenous Designs

Indigenous Designs "protects the environment by replacing toxic, non-sustainable synthetics with organic natural fibers and dyes, while following fair trade principles. Thereby, weaving together a commitment to connect ecology, cultural preservation and social justice." They attain such a moral high ground through much hard work. Over half of their product comes from knitting co-ops and non-goverment organisations in Ecuador, Peru, and India, under fair trade arrangements. They've helped establish the quality control and production standards required by world markets, while working closely with the local artisans . Professional training, skill development and wages up to three times the norm, is available in some of the workplaces used by Indigenous Designs. And because they use materials that are organic and/or naturally coloured, such as the white, brown, grey, tan and black alpaca from llamas, workers are not subjected to toxic and wasteful dyestuffs. For example, the poncho shown here is of EcoWool. This comes from free range roaming sheep and has not be subjected to flea dipping, chemicals, dyes, bleaches, using only biodegradable washing detergent. Comes in natural tones of white, grey and black. ::Indigenous Designs [by WM]


Organic Cotton Ultra Stripe Boat Neck $134.00 USD
Also in Watermelon and Herb