Indigenous Designs To Release Natural Midwear


A couple of years ago we observed the work that Indigenous Designs had been doing in the field of organic and fair trade clothing. Now they've announced a slight change in direction, via their upcoming line of Terra Sport performance midlayer apparel. While renown for their natural fibres, I'm pretty sure this is the first time they've dabbled with man-made naturals, namely Tencel. This fibre was developed many moons ago to counter the bad environmental press that production of viscose (rayon) was getting, through the solvent process that it used to turn tree or cellulose pulp into textiles. Tencel production recycles up to 90% of that nasty solvent in a continuous industrial loop. The resulting fibre has the strength and flexibility of a synthetic, with the moisture uptake of fibres like cotton. And it has an amazing ability to mimic the quality of the fibres it is blended with. In the case of the new Terra Sport threads that would be 35% alpaca and 20% merino wool. Indigenous feel this combination allows "exceptional airflow to naturally regulate body temperature and keep odors at bay."

Although moving to a more techy end of the market the company honours their fair trade roots by ensuring "every piece is handmade by artisans living in remote regions of the globe who earn a fair wage." ::Indigenous Designs, via Snews

(We haven't found pics of the new line, the shots here are of their current line.)

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