Indie Eco-Fashion Designers Pop Up in NYC this Weekend

Afia© Afia
. Bring It To The People participating designer, Afia.

What started out with a small cry from Afia designer Meghan Sebold, who exclaimed, "let's do a pop-up!" in designer Carrie Parry's living room has launched into a fun-filled weekend of major fashion sales--and DJ sets, too. It's called "Bring It To The People", and it's a pop-up shop backed by local fashion talent, from Gretchen Jones and Study NY to Samantha Pleet, Titania Inglis, and more.

If up to 50% off Gretchen Jones NYC and up to 70% off Titania Inglis' designs won't get you out of your fan-filled apartment today, then I don't know what will. Skip, jump, bike, or hop on over to the 4th floor of the Soho Lofts (52 Mercer St) today from 11am -7pm and tomorrow, Sunday, June 24, from 12pm to 5pm.

Gretchen Jones© Gretchen Jones
. Gretchen Jones NYC, spring 2012 collection.

For the chance to meet your favorite designers in the flesh, be there by 4pm today. They'll be there, and don't be afraid to speak your mind. "Understanding what my customer wants and likes can only make me a better designer," Gretchen Jones told TreeHugger. "I'm excited to have time with customers--that experience is rare these days and it teaches me a lot each season."

study ny tara st james fall 2011 nyfw photo
. Study NY's Tara St. James.

Study NY's Tara St. James is offering her new spring 2012 collection at up to 40% off retail and older items at wholesale prices or less. You'll have to beat Inglis to Study NY's hand-dyed blouses and pocket squares though. She told TreeHugger, "I got a quick peek at them in Tara's studio, and they look super cool!"

Afia© Afia

Still not convinced? "We just got an order of fanny packs, bowties, bracelets, and gin bags fresh in from Ghana last Saturday--yes, bags of gin." Afia's Meghan Sebold told TreeHugger. Their summer '12 collection, packed with fresh and vibrant skirts, shorts, and vests will also be available at special prices.

Titania Inglis© Titania Inglis
. Titania Inglis.

Carrie Parry© Carrie Parry
. Carrie Parry.

Participating designers also include: Ambika Boutique, Andy Lifschutz Jewelry, Auralis, Bhon, Carrie Parry,Cold Picnic, Dirty Librarian Chains, Dusen Dusen, H Fredriksson, Mikuti, NOT, Samantha Pleet, and Tirana Jewelry.

Update 6/24/2012: A previous version of this article stated that the pop-up shop was Titania Inglis' idea, it was not.

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Indie Eco-Fashion Designers Pop Up in NYC this Weekend
Shop local eco-fashion designers on major discount in a fun-fulled local fashion pop-up shop, called "Bring It To The People."

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