Iladora offers bike commuter clothes made in San Francisco

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If you have a job that requires professional attire and you want to bike to work, finding the right garments that let you move and still look crisp takes some thought. Happily, there’s a growing number of clothing designers who are tackling this issue.

Iladora has new offerings for the bike-loving professional lady. Started by Ilana Siegelman and Meghan Murphy, the company was started to create cycle-ready clothes for office jobs. Designed by Siegelman and made in San Francisco, Iladora’s first garment was the “Perfect Bike Pant.” These sleek trousers feature just enough stretch and a special tab designed to hold your cuff rolled up and away from chain grease.

The company just launched two new items, a pretty blouse with a smart drop-tail hem in back and a water-resistant skirt with hidden pocket.

woman biking© Iladora

Iladora gets TreeHugger points for improving our bike commute, but how sustainable are the garments themselves? Some prefer garments made from organic natural fabrics, but I’ve interviewed enough eco-minded designers to know that it’s hard to attain sport-performance qualities using only natural fibers. Iladora has used a blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex for the blouse, while the pant and skirt are a blend of nylon and spandex.

To make sure that these fabrics are more environmentally sound, Iladora works with a Bluesign certified mill, which ensures better manufacturing practices.

It’s also great to see U.S. based production, giving shoppers on the West Coast a locally manufactured option.

Iladora offers bike commuter clothes made in San Francisco
Looking for the perfect skirt for biking to work?

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