If You Don't Know What's In Your Knickers, Click to See This Sexy Video

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Image: collage of stills from "Pants Exposed" at More Than Pretty Knickers

Some years ago, before "green" was really trendy, TreeHugger was founded on the concept that humans should not have to run around in loincloths to save our planet. Joining the battle for sexy solutions to serious problems, the video Pants Exposed: Know What's in Your Knickers conveys a worthy message intended to change clothing consumers' habits for good. Knickers, British slang for underpants, demonstrate the lack of sustainability in the textiles industry in a sexy medium, presumably to reach more viewers. The Click on the extended to see the video in full and learn details on how you can make a difference.

Sisters Jenny White, of Eco-boudoir, and Verity White, who has been associated with award winning BBC productions, teamed up to create and produce Pants Exposed. Although Jenny White has a commercial interest in generating attention for the issue, More Than Pretty Knickers is so light on sales pressure, that I had a hard time finding a link to White's online shop. So if you want to know where to buy the "good pants," here is a hint: you can find it, amidst a selection of the competition offering environmentally friendly lingerie, at the bottom of the Good Pants page, below the

  • excellent summaries of the more sustainable textile products available,
  • design techniques that minimize ecological impacts,
  • the 10 IFAT Fair Trade Standards.

The Bad Pants link is equally informative, highlighting the fibers, design methods and unfair trade practices that consumers must seek to avoid. Under the rubric "Aim", the visitor learns that the More Than Pretty Knickers campaign does not secretly intend to promote going commando, but to change the textiles industry for the better. The facts presented in the video -- including the CO2 emissions per pair of panties, the rampant water consumption and the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals -- are also substantiated here. More Than Pretty Knickers also invites visitors to Get Involved.

We suppose the video deliberately shows sexy lingerie made from what appear to be synthetic fabrics because these are the "bad pants." A peek at Eco-Boudoir's web site shows a limited offering, starting at £40 (around US$60) for one-size-fits-whoever-it-fits bamboo knickers, which seems a lot, even for ethical, sexy underpants. So shop around some of the other links below to see that there is sexy, and substantial, ethical underwear for all bodies and budgets.

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