Ideologie's Trendy Spin on the Organic Cotton T-Shirt

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While green fashion has expanded far beyond the organic cotton t-shirt we still get excited when we find cool variations of the sustainable clothing staple. Enter Ideologie Organic. Their limited edition t-shirts are made with cotton grown on USDA-certified organic farms in Texas--and the designs are far from boring:These clever tees are designed by college students who "share the dream of changing the world through self-expression," according to Jaime Bucay of Ideologie. He continues, below.

We make the highest quality organics in the world, including low-impact dyes, and recycled PVC- free water-based printing . Our main hang tags are made of bamboo fibers attached with hemp and also we include a mini hang tag that's embedded with wildflower seeds so our costumers can leave a positive mark on our planet.

Ideologie ensures fair pay and working conditions along their production chain and has also partnered with Acumen Fund, a non-profit that uses entrepreneurial approaches to overcome global property, by donating 2% of every t-shirt sold.

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