Ideal Trading: Another Funky Eco Fashion Site


It's so nice to live in times when ethical fashion doesn't have to look, well, ethical. It's not so long ago that all fair trade, organic clothing retailers seemed to stock was shapeless, multi-coloured garments that looked like you were wearing a rug. Nowadays we see funky, style conscious retailers cropping up everywhere, like London's Equa, or fair trade pioneers People Tree. Now we've come across Ideal Trading, another UK-based company stocking funky fair trade and eco friendly goods ranging from the Union-made, vegan baseball boots of No Sweat (pictured), to the organic cotton/hemp blend T shirts of Earth&Wear.; We certainly can't argue with the company's philosophy:

"At Ideal Trading we are not specifically against mass production, big corporations, or even globalisation (whatever that actually means). They are all a part of the modern world and they will not be going away anytime soon. However, we strongly believe that there are far more important things in the world than generating profits for the shareholders of companies. We believe that it is possible to manufacture quality goods whilst maintaining a high quality of life for workers and utilising the environment in a sustainable manner."

In addition to their retail operations, Ideal Trading are also the sole UK distributor for both No Sweat and Earth&Wear.; ::Ideal Trading:: via New Consumer::

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