Ibex Join the Chorus Singing the Praises of Summer Wool

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Ibex has been dabbling in the modern wool clothing market for yonks. The past dozen years, in fact. They’ve long had a bunch of performance garments made from renewable and compostable merino and loden wool. Materials just perfect for warding off the chill of winter. But, now with the smell of a northern spring in the air, they reckon you should still be able to wear merino wool right through into summer. To this end they’ve fashioned superfine wool into a plethora of warm weather styles. These include seamless underwear, the like of sports tops, bras, briefs, boy shorts and thongs. Merino thongs? Well, I never... . But they didn’t stop with that revelation. For they’ve gone on to produce a line of feminine merino pieces, complete with scooped necks, empire waistlines, ribbon ties, contrast thread accents, and graphic screen prints. As well as blending the merino wool with organic cotton to create some skirts and even a dress.

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Boys shouldn’t feel that girls will have all the fun though, because merino wool is also shoehorned into menswear garments for cycling, running, hiking, climbing and suchlike.

The merino for these products is sourced from New Zealand, in concert with the Zque accreditation program, a traceable chain of custody that look at environmental, social and economic sustainability, and animal welfare. (we mentioned it back way back, on story about Howies.)

With the company have such a love affair with sheep, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that Ibex’s Vermont state headquarters is powered with the assistance of yet another ruminant. Via cow manure methane, courtesy of the Central Vermont Public Service. Ibex also have their own company vegie garden and support staff who ride-to-work.

Check out a preview of the upcoming Spring line at ::Ibex

(PS: Merino wool has become the poster child for next-to-the-skin performance apparel that is more sustainable than sucking finite fossil fuels from the ground. It ain’t perfect, but it is very good. We’ve covered other activewear proponents such as: Icebreaker, Finisterre, Nau, Patagonia, Swobo, Klattermusen, Teko, and Smartwool, to name but a few.)

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