Hyperbolic Crochet Reef Comes to London

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The hyperbolic crochet reef started in Australia, and has travelled around the U.S. gathering beautiful creatures, made by avid crocheters, where ever it goes. Now it has come to London and it is a wonder. Using bright and vivid colours such as oranges, reds and purples, every shape from the sea has been made: shells, coral , starfish and jellyfish. One whole set is made out of black and blue beading and shines in the light with golds and silvers.

What is it? It was the brainy idea of a mathematics researcher and crocheter who realized that she could recreate in crochet 3-D models of creatures such as corals, anemones, kelps, sponges and flatworms. They all have a unique shape known as hyperbolic geometric structures and these shapes can be crocheted so that one can "hold the theorems in their hand". The "reef" has been created as a statement about the impact of global warming on the coral reefs in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the world. When the microscopic organisms that make up coral become stressed by environmental factors such as rising water temperatures, they become bleached out. If conditions improve the colour comes back, if not they continue to decline. Over 3,000 sq. km. of reef are lost every year.

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Gifts from the Sea
The bottle reef is made of decorated rejected plastic bottles found on beaches, pens, tops of bottles and discarded take-away boxes. These have been adorned with crocheted bits of plastic and turned into works of art.

plastic-coral-reef-debris photo.jpg

More Sea Rubbish Turned into Art
Another series has been created out of discarded plastic--the scourge of the oceans. These plastic jelly fish and other bizarre creations are made out of cable ties, video tape, hair ornaments and craft lace.


Such Lovely Colours
Crocheting continues in London. There is a hyperbolic crochet jam session with music and drinks. There are weekly crochet nights and beginners' classes as well. Join the fun, get out your needles and go to work for an important cause. :: Hayward Gallery

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