Hug Fair-Trade Organic Jeans


The final in our tiny threesome of UK organic cotton 'firsts'. (1 and 2 here) Today it's Hug, who are claiming the the title of Britain's first fair-trade organic jeans. And at one point they also state that the jeans "are the first in the world to be made from Fairtrade certified cotton." Regardless of whether this be completely accurate, they look like decent pants. Available for both him and her they are said to be created from handpicked long fibre cotton, which lends them a very soft 'hand.' £90 a pair. Or if you have a spare £16 you might opt for one of the kids T-shirts or rugrats romper suits, with cute phrases like "Genetically MUDified Organism" and "Give Peas a Chance. (It's entirely possible we have covered Hug before, but you can appreciate the complications in searching our archives with the name like that.) ::Hug