Howies 2007 Catalogue ... and Traceable Merino

Howies catalogue is available online and we thought this little quote pulled from it was a timely reminder that although our wee planet's woes may be huge, so is the potential of our collective ability to bring about solutions. Good stuff only happens when we act. Seems the team at Howies did just this, cancelling a jetsetting photo shoot in turn for building a eco-print shop for their organic cotton T-shirts. And its not as if they are scrambling about for pennies these days, having Timberland to watch over them financially. We also note that they are utilising Zque, a process they say is the world's first traceable Merino fibre value chain, covering 'free range' conditions for the Merino, through to the welfare of sheep dogs. It has a strict no mulesing policy as well as farm guidelines on soil conservation and waste water pollution. We're not sure it would qualify as an independent, third party accreditation though, administered as it is by NZM, who in their own words are "the major seller and marketer of Merino fibre in New Zealand." But it is, as ever, great to see Howies boldly continue down their own funky green road (and single track and skate ramp!) ::Howies.