How Much Silk Does a Silkworm Silk? (Video)

summer rayne oakes silkworm

Summer Rayne Oakes explores how much a silk worm silks. Photo: Source4Style

Online sustainable sourcing platform Source4Style has launched a video series of sustainable design news called The Cutting Edge. Hosted by Source4Style co-founder and world-renowned Eco Model Summer Rayne Oakes, the short, 60-second films will explore innovations in sustainability and technology, according to the press release.

For their first video, Oakes explores the aforementioned question: how much does silk does a silkworm silk? Find out the answer--and hear Oakes say it five times fast--in the video, below.
Video: SRmanitou/ Vimeo

For more on sustainable sourcing visit Source4Style and for a more in depth look at the making of silk, don't miss Hinduism Today's article on the making of this "magical" fiber.

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