How Many Plastic Bottles Did it Take to Make This Suit?



Fit for the pages of GQ, eco-chic men can get even chicer with international clothier, Bagir.

The company — which clothes one in six British men — has just taken post-consumer waste to a new level through its EcoGir Recycled Suit.

Both the lining and the EcoGir jacket is made from 100% discarded PET bottles. We love it. Garments made from post consumer waste save much more energy compared to manufacturing virgin fiber.


And Bagir recognizes this too. The company has also invested $100,000 to determine the carbon footprint of its garments and plans to label its suits in the next year.


If wearing around old pop bottles isn't your thing — inspired to be sustainable, they say — the company also offers a line of organic cotton blends, with lining made from bamboo and buttons from Tagua palm tree seeds, ecologically harvested of course.


If you are not sure about going all the way, Bagir also offers a hybrid line "EcoGir Hybridis" made from 55% discarded plastic PET bottles. Gives new meaning to taking out the trash, boys.

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How Many Plastic Bottles Did it Take to Make This Suit?

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