Houdini Escapes Clutches of New Oil With Recycled Sportswear

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Like Jack Wolfskin, whom we mentioned recently, Houdini is another European outdoor clothing brand who have been doing the green thing, largely unnoticed by the English speaking world. Although in this case they do have US distribution through online business, Backcountry.com.

Houdini Sportswear, out of Sweden, make extensive use of recycled polyester for their apparel, which ranges from underwear through insulation to shell garments and accessories, like hats and gloves. Their tagline is "Houdini - not just saving your butt - saving the world," which be a tad overblown, but using recycled synthetic fibre is one important step in reducing our dependency on new oil extraction and its consequences (re: the Gulf of Mexico oil tragedyr.)

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As with many other outdoor firms, (such as Patagonia, Nau, Finisterre, et al)Houdini source their recycled polyester through the EcoCircle program operated by Japan's Teijin. A process which, at least for the Japanese domestic market, reduces CO2 emissions by 77% and energy consumption by 84% compared to using new petroleum.

Indeed, Houdini suggest they were the first European company to partner Teijin on their EcoCircle program.

Houdini Sportswear appear to have an equal array of clothing for men and women, and, surprisingly, they also do a line of gear for little weehuggers too. All predominately from recycled textiles.

Aside the aforementioned US distributor, plus some availability in Japan and China, Houdini product is mostly sold throughout northern European countries.

Houdini Sportswear
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