Honestby Makes Organic Clothes with Full Disclosure

Honestby is a new luxury fashion brand that calls itself "the world's first 100 percent transparent company." That may not be overstating things: this avant-garde line of organic clothing is pushing the edges of sustainability.

The clothes are interesting, quite asymmetrical, mostly blacks, greys and whites, of course. And would look best on tall, skinny women and tall, muscular men. Sigh.

But it is the detailed information about every aspect of the provenance of the clothing that is so amazing and unique. To begin, clothes are listed as organic, vegan, skin friendly, recycled, European (100% manufactured in Europe), or all of the categories. You choose which you want.

The New York Times calls it "wearing our conscientiousness on our sleeves" which is one way of putting it. If knowledge is power then you've got it with these clothes. And if too much information is too much, then you've got that too.

For each item of clothing extensive information is supplied about material, manufacturing, carbon footprint and price calculation.

For example, this uni-sex cotton jersey. Under just the Material Information you can find out the background of the fabric, sewing thread, bias tape, knit trimmings, care label, hang tag, safety pin, brand label, size label, and security seal. Then there is the Manufacturing details: 14.5 hours to design the pattern, 7 minutes to cut it, 59 minutes to assemble and 5 to iron. Enough!

This seemingly straightforward cotton shirt is $558. But 20% of the annual profit will be donated to various charities chosen by collaborating designers. The details of how they arrived at that price are given: cost of buttons, hang tag, sewing thread, and bias tape.

As for its carbon footprint: "the impact of all materials combined for this item is 0,66 kg of CO2. This is equivalent to: driving a car for 4,13 km or using a classic light bulb for 25,38 hours."

The creator of the brand, Bruno Pieters, is Belgian and he used to work for Hugo Boss. He took a sabbatical from the high-pressure fashion business and travelled around the world. In India he had an epiphany and became increasingly concerned about the environment, animal welfare and children's causes. Upon his return to Europe he began to work on Honestby.

His inspiration was the clothing worn by native people. "Observing how native people wore clothes that were grown, woven and sewn from sources they could identify around them, he wondered if such transparency could be operated on an international scale when making designer products."

The Honest By Philosophy

We want to offer total clarity to our client.
We want to give our customer the opportunity to shop with complete awareness of what they are buying.
We respect the environment, we take the world's climate challenges seriously.
We believe in the health of our clients skin.
We want the impact of our products and activities on the environment and human health to be as small as possible.
We believe in animal welfare.

Honestby Makes Organic Clothes with Full Disclosure
Honestby clothes tell you the everything you ever wanted to know--and more--about the provenance of each item.

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