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Holy Cow Company officially launches August 23 & 24, 2008 at the Whole Foods Market Flavorfest 2008 in Chicago where attendees can stroll through and taste-test a plethora of organic and natural foods complete with live music and interactive demonstrations. Offering cute tees and hoodies with simple, environmental themes, Holy Cow aims to offer a product that is healthy for the customer as well as educate customers, asking "Do You Know Where Your Clothing Is Grown?"

What makes Holy Cow so excited about their new line and what allows them to ask that question? Well, they can trace all of their "pieces back to their organic farm-fed origin." How can Holy Cow track each garment? Well, using a 9-digit tracking number, each piece is given its own individual identity. (Note: Icebreaker also launched a similar tracking plan for its apparel). Who cares about garment-tracking? Well, Holy Cow reports that over 90% of the customers purchasing a tee come back online to check out the personal story of their item - meaning customers really are getting educated on the environmental conditions of clothing manufacturing. You can access the tracker by checking out their blog.

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Justin Barrett and Ray Shan, "cow-founders," lead the reins of this mission, both having a solid background in company branding and marketing, and a mission to make Holy Cow work. Currently the store stocks unisex tees, hoodies and baby onesies with simple, environmental statements. Each of the pieces has a very calming feel to it. Their cute cow logo isn't half bad either. Holy Cow clothing that is 100% organic, hand-screened, and made sweatshop free with water-based, PVC-free, plastisol-free and phthalate-free inks. Tees and onesies retail for $29 USD and hoodies retail for $55 USD.

Based in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, you can find Holy Cow online and coming soon to several shops in Chicago. You can also catch Holy Cow November 14-16 at the Green Festival in San Francisco.

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