H&M; Expands Eco Textiles in Spring 2010 Garden Collection (Video)

hm garden collection photo

Credit: H&M;
H&M; has been grabbing headlines lately, from destroying clothes to their not-so-organic cotton (Organic Exchange clears up the controversy).

Before the comments start rolling in, I'd like to acknowledge H&M; for their use of sustainable textiles in the business of fast fashion. Available this month, H&M;'s "Garden Collection" incorporates tencel, recycled polyester, organic linen, and organic cotton. PopSugar sent over a video showing the collection; view it after the jump.

I perused the collection at H&M; this past weekend and the tencel dresses were my favorite. I'm particularly excited about the fact that sustainable textiles like tencel will be available to H&M;'s market. Now on to the comments, let us know what you think about H&M;, fast fashion, and sustainable textiles, below.

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