Hip Organic Hoodies and T-Shirts From British Weather Office are Tribute to Fickle Climate

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Weather reports are kind of nerdy...but these tops are about to change that image. Issued by Britain's national weather forecaster, the Met Office, they let you wear the weather on your chest.

With designs depicting acid rain, a cloud symbol with a bolt of lightning signifying stormy weather, and a lightening rod, you could also be displaying (or warning) the world about your current mood.

Other designs include a rainy weather symbol with rain drops in the shape of cats and dogs.

british weather office issues tee-shirtsrapanui/Promo image

It is an inspired collaboration: the Met is the country's authority on the weather and climate change research and new, small company Rapanui, dedicated to sustainability and traceability, adds the eco provenance plus a quirky touch of British humour.

The cotton tee-shirts and hoodies are organic and made in a wind and solar energy powered, Fair Wear Foundation audited factory on the Isle of Wight, using 100% Organic Cotton.

They are transported by ship, not air, printed with phthalate-free inks and hand-finished in the UK.

british weather office issues tee-shirtsrapanui/Promo image

With each garment, Rapanui claims to be able to trace production chain from "seed to shop." They have developed a Traceability Map which traces "the entire supply chain right down to the planting of the seed, the fabrics, manufacturing, energy use and transport, as well as eco-labelling initiatives and post purchase impact. These trace maps are available for every single product in the collection."

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