High Heel Safety? Take a Bike


If you visit these pages often, you know that high heels are cycle chic, not an excuse to totter to your fossil-fuel powered footsaver and motor to your destination. Get ready to add another plus under the "bike with stilettos" column in your daily mobility decision: driving in heels is dangerous. So dangerous, that UK-based women's insurer Sheilas' Wheels developed the convertible heels pictured here. Below the fold, you can see that the heel on these striking leg-lengtheners tucks away to make a sensible flat shoe for walking. Hmmm, another alternative to doing the city-circle search for a parking place or adding to the asphalt explosion.


In addition to the formidable achievement of turning car insurance into a cult product (you have to check out ilovesheilas to see for yourself), Sheilas' Wheels takes care of their female market by studying the particular safety issues women drivers face. The 'Safe Shoes' survey commissioned by Sheilas' Wheels showed that 80% of women drivers put themselves and others at risk by driving in inappropriate footwear. With trademark flamboyancy, Sheilas' then commit the statistically questionable practice of multiplying the results of a survey of several hundred women to the total population of licensed female drivers in Britain to conclude that:

More than 11.5 million women drivers in the UK are putting themselves and other drivers at risk by wearing the wrong footwear when behind the wheel.

We say strike a TreeHugger blow for safety and style: wear hot pink spikes on your pedal-powered transport to ensure that drivers notice the need to share the lane.