Hemptown No More


In the past we've given a goodly amount of coverage to Hemptown's pushing of the envelope in hemp clothing with their Crailar biotech enzyme treatment. That's all about to change. Not because they've fallen from favour or closed their doors. But due to a name change. As of about a week ago they they are going by the name of Naturally Advanced Technologies. Although established in Canada a decade ago to market hemp clothing, they are now planning to focus more broadly on the production of bast textiles like as hemp, but also other fibres such as bamboo and flax, and look at replacement of traditional composite fibers, including fibre-glass. This is expected to lead them "into industries such as apparel, medical and hospitality textiles, and auto, marine and airplane parts." To date the company has shipped over "500,000 garments reducing chemical use by 86,634 pounds and saving 452,232,264 gallons of fresh water." ::Naturally Advanced Technologies, via Sporttextiles.