GreenKnickers On Sale Now!


Last year we wrote about Sarah Lucy Smith’s GreenKnickers project and are excited to announce that a limited hand-made edition is now on sale. After graduating, eco fashion designer Sarah got together with fashion merchandiser Rose Cleary-Southwood and brought GreenKnickers to life. Together, they are passionate about underwear, ethics, design and business. They believe ‘that all these values can occupy the same product’.
An example of one such a product are the ‘Global Warming’ Knickers that react to heat to show the effects of global warming. Another are knickers with beautifully embroidered slogans such as ‘eat organic’. Both of these styles are made in the UK from 100% organic cotton and are on sale now for £25 each. How to care for these knickers? –Wash them cold, they say, and save energy! If you don’t agree, check out their videos!
GreenKnickers are not just cheeky underwear but the two founders also live up to what they preach. For example they are reducing the ‘knicker mile’ drastically by having three styles actually made in the UK. The rest are made in India and certified fair-trade. Plus they use organic fabrics and sustainable crops where possible. Depending on the style, they are made from organic cotton, hemp and/or silk. ::GreenKnickers