GreenKnickers: Now With Official Fair Trade Logo


Some time back we posted on London-based designer Sarah Lucy Smith's sassy GreenKnickers project, and have since brought you news when these handcrafted, ethically produced undergarments have gone on sale. Well the GreenKnickers concept has continued to go from strength to strength. We have just heard, for example, that some of the company's collections can now carry the much coveted Fair Trade logo — no mean feat for a small enterprise such as this, as the GreenKnickers newsletter explains:

"Here at GreenKnickers we have had an interesting and challenging time creating a green and fair supply chain to make our knickers. Establishing relationships with disadvantaged communities in developing countries can cost a lot in both cash and carbon. Particularly for very small companies like us. For these reasons and more we are extremely pleased and excited to announce that our work has been recognised by the FairTrade Foundation and GreenKnickers is now licensed to carry the fair trade symbol on our cotton knickers. The mark can be seen more and more now on cotton clothing, one day we hope that the foundadtion will extend the mark to cover other ultra ethical fabrics such as hemp and bamboo."

But the GK ladies efforts don't just end with fair trade — we have been extremely impressed with their efforts to green every aspect of their supply chain. The picture above, for example, shows part of their ultra-green UK delivery fleet. ::GreenKnickers:: via promotional email::

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