Green Toe's Expanded Footwear Line


We've covered Green Toe a couple of times before, But we haven't been back for a bit to see any new stuff. Now we are! A while back, early this year in fact, they added a thong (flip flop) and a sandal/slide, but more recently the family took on more members with a chukka and a sneaker. Here for your viewing pleasure we present the Toe Jam and the Sloppy Toe. Both sport cork and natural latex insoles, natural rubber crepe outsoles, and jute uppers. The sandal comes with a cotton canvas toe keeper, while the chukka gets recycled rubber and metal eyelets, through which feed jute laces. Lots of natural sounding stuff here, 'coz their motto is: "Shoes with less junk in 'em." Toe Jam can be had for $75 USD and a pair of Sloppy Toes for $90. More info on the range at ::Green Toe Flash alert, tho' it is one of the more speedy ones we've encountered.