Green Toe Footwear: Revisited

In June we brought you news that Simple were developing a line of eco-based footwear, called Green Toe. But details were sketchy. Well, if you have $80, you can now lay your paws on the fresh-out-of-the-box 'Loaf' and 'Shuf'. A natural crepe rubber outsole (seen here) is topped by a wool felt mid sole, on which sits the jute covered, natural latex rubber footbed. All covered by a jute upper. (Jute is tough bast fibre, sort of like a poor man’s version of hemp, linen or ramie. Sourced mostly from the Indian sub-continent, it's often made into hessian and burlap sacks. But now it's funky shoes. Treehuggery has gone full circle, huh?) Apart from the natural textiles, the Green Toe range uses water based glues and soy-based dyes. And they offer accessories that include a quite novel straw and hemp baseball cap. Their very obviously anti-slick, cartoon-based website can be found here - ::Green Toe by Simple