Green Label Organic Launches New Line for 2006

Update: As of Feb. 2007, we have been informed that the information contained in this post is no longer accurate. We are keeping it for archival purposes. -Ed We've written about Green Label Organic tees before and this past weekend at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City George Lipson, Green Label's creator, unveiled his newest line of t-shirts for Spring/Summer 2006. The 100% certified organic, ring spun cotton utilizes contemporary graphic styling, paired with provocative verbiage, that promotes the importance of living a green and sustainable lifestyle. In addition to supporting fair trade and protecting the environment, each of Green Label's t-shirts are made with Rehance technology. This patented method of printing and low-impact dyeing from T.S. Designs utilizes a water-based technology (see our previous post on T.S. Designs here). All Green Label apparel is made in the United States in a sweatshop free environment. When Lipson was asked why he created Green Label he said, "I see so many people wearing designer label apparel to mark their identity. This designer apparel is often made off-shore under sweatshop conditions, with little regard for the health and welfare of those producing the cotton or the garments. The Green Label Organic concept is branded apparel with substance. When you wear our label you will be showing your support for sustainable, green business practice, that honors labor, fair trade, and environmental protection." Lipson's new lines will be partially available in February and March. Thanks for the tip, Remy C.! ::Green Label Organic Sustainable Threads