Go Green and Stay Hip with Mavi Organics


We were less than impressed when the dress-to-impress hipsters at Diesel rolled out their "Global Warming Ready" campaign a few months back; it isn't TreeHugger's style to talking the green talk while doing nothing to green the walk. Mavi, Diesel's contemporaries in fashion popular with the hip, under-30 set, having taken a different -- and smarter, we think -- approach, and have started phasing organic cotton into their chic men's and women's denim. For now, the organic option appears limited to the Mona model for women and Hunter and Matt (all $80) for men, with pledges from the company to further incorporate the pesticide-free cotton into denim and perhaps its knits and twills. The company, which means "blue" in Turkish, was founded in Turkey in 1991 and sells seven million pairs of jeans each year in over 600 specialty stores, department stores and specialty chains stores in 50 countries around the world; if they continue to offer greener options in more of their European and Mediterranean-inspired styles, you should be seeing some in a store near you. Shop online at the Mavi shop and learn more about them at mavi.com. ::Mavi Organic