Globe Hope: Finnish Fashion

Finnish fashion has its own aesthetic; warm fabrics, bright colours (in response to those months of cold and darkness), and a slightly eccentric look. Like everywhere else, designers there have started to worry about waste and the state of the environment. In response, Globe Hope was born—Finnish fashion made by redesigning and modifying existing materials such as old hospital textiles, army wear and work outfits. Each article includes the provenance of the fabric. Given Finland’s military history, a martial theme predominates in the source of textiles. A down coat is created from an army sleeping bag, one skirt is made from Finnish army trousers and another from hospital surgery linens. The sources for the accessories are equally off-beat: a pot holder was an army coat in the Swedish army, then decorated with vintage lace and handbags were pockets on an army coat and a sack from the Swedish navy. As the slogan on one of their tee-shirts states: "The world does not suffer from the lack of material but the lack of mind." :: Globe Hope

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