Giuditta Blandini Stile Biologico

You can trust Italians to avoid the burlap sack curse that will sometimes beset even the most well-intentioned eco-textile designer. With an eye for design that enhances rather than obscures a woman's figure, Giuditta Blandini of Florence offers TreeHuggers a collection built with organic fabrics colored with vegetable-based dyes. Slinky sweater dresses and pretty camis are made with the finest organic wool, linen, cotton, hemp and silk. There are plenty of modest styles available for the office or visits with in-laws; like drape-y linen slacks (an Italian classic) paired with a blouse and cardigan, or cute and comfy hemp dresses. Giuditta and co. even offers a collection of bridal gowns made of linen, silk, hemp - and my personal favorite, a beautiful gown of organic cotton and soft alpaca. A woman-owned and operated company, Giuditta Blandini Stile Biologico has been designing with eco-friendly fabrics and dyes since 1997. Unfortunately our sleuthing has not turned up any retail locations outside of Italy, but those inspired by the TomKat "La Dolce Vita" frenzy can find boutiques throughout the north and south that carry Stile Biologico.