Get Going in Environmental Hiking Boots from the National Trust

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We love the National Trust: not only are they the steward of the countryside and the stately homes in the UK, now they are getting into the food, clothing and shoe business.

These boots are made for walking... These leather boots, created for the Trust, with their oak leaf symbol on the side, are described as "environmentally considered."

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That means that the sole is made from 15% recycled plastic bottles, the sock liner is 100% recycled, and the steel shank for stability is made from 90% recycled steel.

The one flaw that they admit is that the boot is made in China. As a manager said "We are not overselling this product as environmentally 'wow'. It's not 100% recycled, it's a small step for us as a brand." The boot will sell for £85 ($135). One major quibble: since it is the National Trust, they could have charged a bit more and found a place to make it in England.

The boot box is made from 80% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable. The inks used to print it are soy based. It has handles (to avoid the need for a plastic carrier bag).

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Photo Credit: hi-tec

To top it off, the tag is made from 100% recycled, eco-friendly wild flower seeded paper. The seeded paper carries the National Trust message and will grow if planted and cared for. Too sweet for words.

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