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We've mentioned before that electric clothes dryers are a household's second greediest hog of electricity, alone using 6% of all residential electricity in the United States. When weather conditions permit, using sunlight and a breeze to dry clothes on an outdoor clothesline is by far the better option.

I find line dried clothes smell fresher and don't have the static charge that tumble dried laundry does. But the spring always pops up wooden pegs and I remain dubious as to what forest the wood was sourced from. Hard plastic pegs go brittle and shatter after too much UV exposure. So I was excited to stumble on EcoForce's 100% recycled* plastic clothes pegs in the local supermarket.They are the same pegs that Bonnie observed earlier this year had been selected are one of the Green Heroes by TV series Grand Designs.

Contrary to the trend for all low priced items, especially those of plastic, to be made in China, these pegs are manufactured in the United Kingdom from a mix of pre and post consumer recycled plastic. The one piece design utilises an integral spring that won a UK Design Council Millennium Products Award. There are ergonomically designed with little curves and patterns that make then easier to grip and pinch open/close.

How well the softer polypropylene plastic in the EcoForce pegs will hold up to the harsh Australian sunlight, to only time will tell, but it has to be better than the very brittle polystyrene used in many clothes pegs. And they are claimed to be both frost proof and UV stable, as well has having holding power twice that a standard peg.

EcoForce suggest that "1.8 tonnes of oil are saved for every tonne of recycled polythene produced" and that conventional "plastic production uses 8% of the world's oil production, 4% as feedstock and 4% during manufacture," whereas annually "approximately 684,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved by recycling the UK's plastics, the equivalent of taking 216,000 cars off the road!"

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Based on the success of their recycled clothes pegs, the company has branched out into other recycled household products, such as freezer bag pegs, peg baskets, pot scourers, wiping clothes and so forth. A little more background on the company can be found on the Technology Strategy Board website.

* In some instances the clothes pegs are referenced as being 93% recycled.
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