Genopalette: Pull Coloured Wool Over Your Eyes

But for the name, this is a very inspiring enterprise. Handwoven scarves, shawls and throws are crafted from naturally coloured wool. All on the same farm, where the sheep are "raised with sustainable agriculture methods" and their fleeces are "minimally processed and free of chemical treatments such as moth and shrink proofing." See extended post for a pic of the black sheep and her coloured mates. Apparently such non-white beasties are quite rare — only one in every thousand sheep is naturally coloured, so the flock at Humble Hills farm, Missouri, have been specially selected from New Zealand's Romney and Merino breeds. Freed of the need to dye, there is much less chemical processing needed for the fibres, so very soft products result. The scarf shown here seems currently unavailable, but others in a variety of patterns and colourways can be had for about $75 USD. ::Genopalette

PS: Of course, this business has much in common with naturally coloured cotton, as pioneered by Sally (ssshh, say it quietly, in case you spook the sheep) Fox. See more on her FoxFibre.