Gabriel Scarvelli Beaded Fashions

scarravelli top.jpg
Aussie designer Gabriel Scarvelli makes beautiful clothes. But we’re not just talking about his intricately beaded dresses and tops that have made him a fashion darling. The man also has a conscience and a soul. Wherever possible, the designer uses natural fibers and 98% of the dyes he specifies are organic... He rescues rose quartz chips destined for the scrap heap to bead onto his garments; pays his 12 Indian bead workers 48 times the average wage in Calcutta, where they live; and plans to help them set up an independent organic cotton plantation. Fabric scraps from the workroom go to the local kindergarten in India to use for artwork. So does this guy have any flaws? Well, he does admit to using nylon zippers, but for the most part, the materials he uses are natural and biodegradable. His only other flaw: not yet available online. But if you’re in the neighborhood, try luxury boutiques like Tracey Ross on Sunset Boulevard, Coco Ribbon in Notting Hill, Karen Walker in New Zealand, and a number of high-profile fashion boutiques throughout Australia. ::Lucire [by MO]

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