Futuristic suit cleans the air around you

air filtering suit
via byBorre

That’s the concept explored by the BB.Suit 0.2, a garment presented at Beijing Design Week. Designboom reports that this concept model is the result of a collaboration between Dutch designers: Studio Eva de Laat, byBorre, Martijn ten Bhömer, StudioFriso and Want.

The garment is loaded with wearable tech, including an air quality sensor and a cold plasma air purification system. According to Want’s website, “harmful particles in proximity to the cold plasma are split into harmless substances.” The result is that the wearer is surrounded by a "purified air bubble."

The electrical components and batteries are locked in a sealed case to make the garment safe to wear. The suit is knit seamlessly, to reduce the materials needed to make the garment and cut down on waste.

For now, the BB.Suit 0.2 is as much a concept as it is an actual garment. Yet it’s fascinating to see how designers are aiming to transform clothing from something that contributes to pollution into something that can clean it up.

Futuristic suit cleans the air around you
What if clothing could filter pollution out of the air around your body?

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