Futuristic Shoefiti: Transform Tired Sneaks Into Solar-Powered LED's

solar powered sneaks photo
Sling your sneaks in trees with a DIY Solar Powered Street Light Kit. Credit: Lost Value

If your favorite sneaks have reached their wear, light them up with Lost Value's Solar Powered Street Light Kit, complete with solar cells and LED's--now that's upscale Shoefiti! The exhibition piece turned DIY kit is designed by Elena Corchero, crafted in Scotland, and available on Lost Values--and featured on Ecouterre. For shoe tossing fun, sling them in a tree or stick them in a bush--click through for photos:shoefiti led lights photo
Credit: Lost Value
shoefiti photo
Credit: Lost Value
light up sneaks photo
Credit: Lost Value

:: Lost Value, Via Ecouterre.

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