Fully Organic Monkee Genes is First Denim Brand Approved by England's Soil Association

Monkee Genes are Fully Organicmonkee genes/Promo image

Monkee Genes is the first denim brand to produce Soil Association-approved fully organic jeans. This is quite an achievement because the Soil Association is Britain's esteemed gold standard for all things organic.

No pesticides and no chemicals are used in manufacturing the jeans. As they say there is "no blood, no sweat, no tears."

As for the jeans themselves, they look great. The designs include 70s style flares, skinny unisex jeans in a range of colours, (purple, wine, lime, turquoise amongst others) and a collection of super skinny jeans and babycords.

You can also customize them with patches created by different artists.

The Soil Association certification ensures all factory working standards are vetted and are considered as important as the environmental factors.

This means each and every stage of the process is taken into consideration -- from the cotton growth and picking down to the content of the button and label.

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