From the U.S. to Japan — Corn Socks

We've seen many things here on TreeHugger that are made from corn such as place settings, tires and even an HP desktop printer, all because they are biodegradable. Now, U.S. hosiery manufacturers have come up with biodegradable socks. Similar to Salewa's Jummy Shirt we featured last year, the new socks will be made from Ingeo, a corn-derived fiber. They are expected to cost about 20% more than socks made from cotton or wool and we think it's worth it. But don't get too excited because the corn socks will only be available in Japan because of "Japan's environmental consciousness" according to the president of W.Y. Shugart & Sons, one of the U.S. hosiery makers involved in the manufacturing. Hmpf. Via ::Grist Magazine