From Socks to SuperBugs, Finisterre Has You Covered

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As we've said before, Finisterre is an outdoor apparel company we've a great deal of respect for. They go from strength to strength. Aside from winning one award after the other, and garnering positive magazine gear reviews, they keep putting out the product they want to wear, sourced and manufactured so they can sleep easy at night. Clean, lean, functional, (and funky) eco and ethically minded clothing for those who spend their days outside, whatever the weather.

This northern winter they've added, in addition to colour and style revisions to signature products, a number of new products, with back-stories that explain why their range has so much integrity. Take for example, their new socks. Made for them from 65% Australian wool from non-museled sheep by a British family run business who've been knitting socks for over 150 years.

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Then there is the new Brisa baselayers, made of 100% recycled polyester, with a three dimension fabric structure said to provide quick wicking and fast drying. Also the fabric is treated with what Finisterre call a "Non leaching Aegisanti-bacterial finish."

I know what you're thinking. Oh no, not another anti-bacterial agent, as if we didn't have enough problems with super bug resistance to due to over use of anti-bacterical finishes. I was thinking the same thing, so did a little digging and came across this quote attributed to Curtis White, Chairman and CEO of Aegis:

"What makes the AEGIS Microbe Shield unique is that it functions through a physical mode-of-action versus the chemical poisoning associated with traditional antimicrobials. This physical mode-of-action prevents microbes from adapting to the shield so there is no ability for 'super bugs' to develop resistance."

Should've realised Finisterre would've done their homework too. After all, this is the same bunch of guys and gals seeking to bring a rare breed of British sheep (the Bowmont) back from the brink of extinction, by developing a local market for their superfine wool.

Other additions to the line include new merino wool garments, along with refinements and new colourways to old favourites.

Finisterre new product winter 2010 photo

If you're partial to well made (in Europe), well designed and highly ethical and environmental conscious clothing crafted with quality materials you could a lot worse than checking out Finisterre.

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