Freedom Clothing - Open Sourced, Affordable, Organic ...


We think this quote will resonate with a goodly portion of our readers: "Occasionally in life, you get a urge to do something and find the resources to be able to do it. One day I woke up and decided a few things: I don't want to buy clothes that keep people trapped in poverty just so I can have a nice pair of jeans. I don't want to look like a complete turnip when I wear my ethics. I don't want to have to remortgage my house to buy a T-shirt." Many might think this, hit the snooze button on the alarm and then roll over for another 10 minutes, before rising into another normal day. But not Joe Turner. He set up the Freedom Clothing Project Ltd, making clobber that is "ethical, wearable and affordable." And transparent too, (well, the production process, not the shirts, dammit). Freedom Clothing disclose the contact details of their spinner, cut-make-and-trim factory, the printer, and even their bank. Although the range, which is limited to a couple of T-shirts at the moment, is 'open sourced' and made from Turkish organic cotton, they are only asking £8 ($14 USD) a pop. Worth keeping an eye on, as the line grows. Via a story over at Ethical Adventures. More at ::Freedom Clothing


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