For Valentine's Day, Sew Your Own Sexy Lingerie (DIY)

diy corset photo

Photo: Alabama Chanin

Say goodbye to the days of nylon negligees and polyester panties. Alabama Chanin offers a sexy and sustainable alternative for Valentine's Day: a DIY organic cotton corset and bloomer set, entirely made in the USA.
The Alabama-based designer employs local artisans in and around Florence, Alabama to craft her label's handmade garments. For those of us who can't afford the price the handmade price tag, Chanin offers DIY kits so you can sew your own.

bead detail photo

Photo: Alabama Chanin

The 100% organic cotton DIY kit ($124.95) comes stenciled and ready to sew with all materials needed to sew and complete the project. Instructions are available in Alabama Stitch Book and you can choose your color from a selection of fabric swatches.

stencil fabric photo

Photo: Alabama Chanin

Browse more DIY kits and ready-to-wear at Alabama Chanin.

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