First Natural-Dye Production House in America Opens in Chicago (Video)

noon design studio cochineal dye vat

Cochineal dye vat. Image via Ecouterre

The fact that most textiles today contain toxic substances is not holding Jane Palmer back from creating naturally-dyed textiles. The co-creator of Noon Solar handbags and founder of the first and only natural-dye production house in the United States, is committed to increasing the availability and use of naturally dyed fabrics, Ecouterre reports. Natural dyes use naturally occurring materials -- madder root, pomegranate, walnuts, and cochineal insects -- without salt or chemicals; the result is cost-efficient, biodegradable dyes. Click through for a video with Jane Palmer and a tour of the country's first natural dye house in Chicago:

More over at Ecouterre: Noon Solar Launches America's First Natural-Dye Production House

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